These General Terms and Conditions (henceforth the ''Conditions of Use'') are to regulate the conditions under which candidates and companies (hereinafter to be called the ''User (s)'') can use the service offered by Globe Operations S.L, established in Madrid (28008), Marqués de Urquijo Street 30 5- Madrid, provided with NIF B-87023289, registered in the Companies Register of Madrid, volume 32325, folio 186, section M and page 581868 B ( ''Klimber''), through an application for mobile devices and a web application (hereinafter applications will be referred to as the ''Service''). Any user accessing the Service agrees to abide by these Terms of Use.

Klimber may modify the content of these Conditions of Use by mediating user acceptance. On the information communicated of these effects, Klimber will provide information to the User in regards to the amendments and the consequences of their opposition. The acceptance of the amended Terms of Use shall be deemed always given that the User has not expressly rejected within four weeks after receipt of the communication notifying of the corresponding modification. Should the user communicate in writing its refusal to Klimber within that period, the General Terms and Conditions states that the user hired under Klimber will remain valid provided that Klimber could still provide the service, unimplemented modifying the conditions communicated.
The recent version of the Terms of Use is the one available online at each login. If the user does not accept the new Terms of Use, he or she is responsible to unsubscribe immediately from the service.


The service is a platform that allows the encounter between professionals, organizations and companies that offer jobs (hereinafter to be called the ''Company'') and individuals or professionals seeking employment (hereinafter the ''Candidate''). Service is offered through an application for mobile devices and a web application which installation and use is free for users. However, in the future you may pay fees for which that will be timely communicated and advanced.

The mobile operator or ISP could charge certain fees in concept to Input mode or for example, data transfer. The User will be solely responsible for paying fares of your carrier or ISP for this item. Please see your payment plan with your mobile operator or ISP before using the Service.

Klimber reserves the right to remove an offer published by the Company ( ''Offer'') or a Candidate ( ''CV'') without notice in which case Klimber may consider, at its sole discretion that such CV or offer disputes breaches of the Terms of Use. The User expressly acknowledges that Klimber will not be liable in any way in the case of any direct loss or indirect removal resulting of an offer or CV in this course.


The company that accesses the Service, through registration and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, expressly states that it is duly licensed to operate in the main field of its activity and, especially but not limited to hiring staff.

Klimber offers only the User Service as an end user, therefore the resale or marketing of the Service is strictly prohibited and the interchange subrogation ownership of this contract. The use of all or part of Services for purposes other than business use is prohibited. Therefore, the User compromises not to reproduce, copy, sell, resell, trade or exploit commercial purposes or non-commercial, subject or not to pay, benefit or advantage, all or part of the Service and its content, use of the Service or any right of access to the Service.

The candidate will access the Service solely for the purpose of seeking a job. IN order to access the Service and be identified, the user must create an account (the ''Account''). The user, upon registration, undertakes the responsibility to provide certain information, accurate, current and complete information about their identity, their personal and contact information (name, email address). User information must be updated immediately to your account in any case of which changes occur during the User status. In the event that the user facilitate any false, inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or deceptive information, Klimber can suspend or cancel the account and deny access to the user, either temporarily or permanently for all of the Service or part of the service, without notice or right to compensation for it.


Account access credentials include User consistent in username as email address and password, (hereinafter the ''Credentials''). The User will guard badge IDs under his sole responsibility. The User agrees to keep confidentiality on credentials and agrees to immediately notify of theft, loss or any other violation of the confidentiality of their credentials in Klimber, which later shall proceed to its cancellation. The user is solely responsible for any use made of their Credentials and actions performed by accessing the service through them. Therefore, any access to the Service through its Credentials will be presumed as an action by the user. In this sense, the user will be able to end their session by clicking the ''Logout'' button in order to avoid not being able to access it through the device that had been previously used to log in the application.


Klimber owns the general structure, functionality and all the contents of both the service and mobile application, the web application dashboard.Klimber.com and official Webpage www.Klimber.com published by Klimber, its partners are Klimber. It has the rights for exploitation, and is protected by Spanish laws and international intellectual and industrial property. Any reproduction / or representation of any part of the website and / or the Service without authorization of Klimber is prohibited. In particular, any reproduction and / or representation, full or partial Information such as messages, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, images, videos, database, messages or other items that can be displayed by Klimber and accessible by Users without the written permission of Klimber is prohibited. Features and specifications of the Service and these Terms of Use are property of Klimber. The copy of the Service through reverse engineering or any other procedure without the express permission of Klimber is expressly prohibited.

Klimber grants the User a right of use or license, not sold, for the use of Service shall be governed under the terms of this paragraph (hereinafter the ''License''). Klimber reserves all other rights not granted expressly. License in regards to the Use of the Service through the mobile application and, where appropriate, non-transferable license to use such applications in any device you own or use as a User is considered to be the web application license, as allowed by the rules of uses established in these Terms of Use. This License does not allow the user to use the application on other devices that the user does not own or control, and cannot spread or make the application available on a network so multiple devices can use it at the same time. The User may not rent, lease, lend, sell, redistribute or sublicense applications. You may not copy, decompile, perform reverse engineering on, disassemble, attempt to derive the HTML source code, modify or create derivative work applications, all updates, or thereof any part (unless and only to the extent that any foregoing restriction is applicable or prohibited by law as permitted by the terms of the license of any of the open source components included in the License). Any attempt to do so, will respond as a violation of the rights of Klimber. If the user fails to comply with these restrictions, it could lead following the initiation of legal action and the payment of damages. The terms of the license will govern any update provided also by Klimber to replace and / or supplement the Service unless such actualization is from a separate license, in which case the terms of that license will govern.
The license will be in effect until rescinded by the user or by Klimber. The rights granted under this License will end without notice if the User shall default in making any payments or complying with the terms (s) of the Conditions of Use. Upon termination of the License, the User must stop using or accessing the applications, or uninstall and destroy all copies, total or partial.

The distinguishing signs of Klimber, such as domain name, the brand, commercial name etc., are owned by Klimber and are protected by Law Intellectual of Property of 1/1996 of 12 April. The total or partial reproduction of these distinguishing marks without the express permission of Klimber is prohibited.


You acknowledge having read these Terms and Conditions and commits to respect them. Klimber undertakes to implement all means at its disposal to guarantee good quality access to the Service. Klimber offers no warranty, either expressed or implied, without limitation, in terms of continuity, performance, durability, quality wave absence of vice or defect of the Service. No information, whether oral or written, obtained by the user by using the Service, imply any warranty not expressly provided in the present Terms of Conditions. The User acknowledges that the use of the Service is at ones own risk. Unless imposed by applicable law or agreed in writing without prejudice to the provisions in other Conditions of Use, these applications are provided by the owners and employees as they are not expressed or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchanta