FAQ. Do you need help?


What is Klimber

Klimber is the first mobile application which is be able to evaluate all your knowments. You will be able to improve your ranking and challenge another users

What kind of jobs are in Klimber?

Klimber is a niche app, currently is specialized in QA, but we are moving on to expand in other markets

How can I find jobs in Klimber?

Klimber thinks out of the box, Jobs finds you! You just have to fill your profile datas correctly, define you knowledge, the skills you have and just... PLAY!!

How can I play?

You can choose between our six games, it's your first time? Dont worry, before the game starts, a some tips will appear in order to teach you how its works. All the no pressure! remember that it is a fun way to get a position in our profesional ranking

Is it free?

Of course! You can play, have fun and receive job offers

How can a company contact me?

Companies will contact you throught the app and personal mails. The notifications will appear in your timeline, but you can also select notifications option for being aware, As you can see, it is impossible not to find out something.

How can I get more chances to be contacted by the companies?

You can do a lot of things, but we will give you basic tips: 1. Play Play is the easiest way to show your skills. 2. Klimber Challenge another profesionals and climb in the ranking. 3. Complete your profile Fill all data, make work easiest to companies, you can also include your linkedin profile to show them more information. 4. Train regularly and have fun Follow your activity in the timeline, challenge profesionals and improve your skills.

My account

I can't log in

Recover your account and try again. If the problem persists, contact our technicial support team: soporte@klimber.top

Could I upload my CV?

You will not need it in!, you will climb position just playing. Anyway you can link your LinkedIn profile.

How can I chooose my location?

When you do the registration you can select the location, if you then change your mind you can change it in the profile.

I forgot my password

If you forget your password dont worry! you can recover it. When you log in the app, select the option "Recover password", type the password that you used in the register and we will send you a link to reset your password, if you don't see this mail, it may be in the spam try.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account sending a mail to support@klimber.top with the follow: ISSUE: Delete account mail@mail.com MESSAGE: Your name and last name. We will delete your account as soon as possible.

Is there a Klimber Desktop Klimber version?

Klimber is designed thinking about playing, rise, challenge and receive offers anytime and anywhere, that is why we are focus on mobile.

Do you have any aditional problem?

For any other problems do not hesitate to contact us by email: contact@klimber.top


How can I use Klimber if Iam a company?

To use Klimber as a company, you must access to our companie's dashboard through our website http://klimber.top/empresas. You can register yourself in section for companies for taking advantage of you business, search in our database or send offers.

what kind of services do exist?

Access to our database is free, you can see all the candidates groups by skills. Pay just for the profile that you want contact. Apply the filter that you want and send an offer to a 15 person group for a fixed price.

When will candidates see my offer?

The offer is instant sent, the candidate will be reported via mail, you will contact themas fast as you want.

Where can I see my offers?

Desde nuestro dashboard podrás ver tus ofertas y utilizar todos nuestros servicios. Through our dashboard you can see your offers and use all our services

What can I do if i have any problem?

Contact us: contact@klimber.top